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We Are The Best In The w2 Area For End Of Tenancy Cleaning

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End of Lease Cleaning Services - The Benefits

For one, with an end of lease clean you can be sure that your rental property is left pristine for the next occupant, as well as satisfying the requirements set-out in your tenancy agreement. The chances are that once our team of experienced cleaners has finished their work, the letting agent or landlord would struggle to find fault! On top of this, there’s a good chance you will end up with more time than otherwise to focus on other tasks associated with moving out such as packing and sorting out bills.

At Carpet Cleaning Paddington, we pride ourselves on delivering an impeccable service tailored to each individual customer’s needs. Our move out cleaning teams make use of the most advanced techniques and take great care to ensure all areas in the property are cleaned to perfection. We cover carpets, floors, windows and all other surfaces throughout the property. Don't forget about those difficult-to-reach places like door frames and skirting boards too! We guarantee our services will leave your rented apartment or house looking pristine and ready for new occupants.

This end of tenancy clean service is suitable for tenants vacating rented accommodation, landlords handing over a property to new renters or developers preparing homes for sale. In fact any situation where you require a professional level clean at a flat or house qualifies! All our services come guaranteed so if any issues arise within 14 days after completion then Carpet Cleaning Paddington will send out a cleaner free of charge to rectify it. So why not let us do the hard work while you focus on other activities?

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We understand that your life can be incredibly busy; which is why we strive to schedule flexible appointments at times that suit you best. Carpet Cleaning Paddington has a wide range of end of lease cleaning Paddington packages available – so if you want to secure your deposit back from your landlord, or speed up the process of getting your property ready for occupation or sale then please get in contact with us today on Call Now!.

Affordable Prices on Carpet Cleaning in Paddington W2

Book our cheap carpet cleaning services in Paddington and save money, time and efforts. Call 020 3743 8596 and get a free quote.

Carpet cleaning  Carpet Cleaning 
price from
| £55
Upholstery Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning 
price from
| £55
End Of Tenancy Cleaning End Of Tenancy Cleaning 
price from
| £95
Domestic Cleaning Domestic Cleaning 
price from
| £13.50
House Cleaning House Cleaning 
price from
| £13.50
Office Cleaning Office Cleaning 
price from
| £13.50

*Price excluding VAT
*Minimum charge apply

  • The end of tenancy cleaning team from Carpet Cleaner Paddington proved their worth. They were certainly the right company to hire in such a situation. I'd gladly recommend them to anyone.
    D. Bale
  • My landlord required professional level work for the end of tenancy cleaning so naturally, I went ahead and booked services with Cleaning Carpets Paddington. As expected, they did a wonderful job and now, thankfully, I have my security deposit back in hand!
  • Looking for the best end of tenancy cleaning? CarpetCleaningPaddington have got you covered for sure. I don't even know how to say it, they are very thorough, just when you thought they were done, they covered placed I never knew existed despite living there for a couple of years.
  • This cleaning crew was hired to do weekly domestic cleanings at my flat. The cleaners are good at what they do and the prices are lower than some of the other cleaning companies I contacted.
    Jill P.
  • I wouldn't hesitate to use their cleaning services again. Cleaning Carpets Paddington impressed me massively the other day. They left a lasting impression.
    Fiona B.
  • I could just go on heaping glittering praise on the cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Paddington, but I'll be here for hours!
    A. Whiteford
  • The cleaning contractors from Carpet Cleaner Paddington did a great job cleaning my house last week and I am here to vouch for them because you'll be lucky to have them on your side. You can't achieve the same results yourself so you should definitely give them a try and I guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results. Thank you guys! You were so wonderful!
  • My mother's home was in need of a good clean. It hadn't been cleaned properly for several years, so we had our work cut out for us. We managed okay, but ran into some stains we couldn't shift. For these we turned to CarpetCleaningPaddington who were able to handle them for us. Their cleaner did the work and did it well. No stain remained once they were done so the house was finally clean.
    Trish Kennedy

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